Rooster Building Group provides building envelope maintenance and repair for all types of properties. Committed to our professional and organized approach, we are the ideal choice for everything from a preliminary inspection to complete restoration. Our maintenance programs are tailored to meet the long-term requirements for any type of commercial, industrial or multi-family residential building. We are specialists in understanding how to maintain and extend the lifespan of your property.

As expert maintenance and repair professionals, attention to detail and quality in the safest and timeliest manner is our top priority. We understand how capital investment and maintenance impacts developers and property owners. Our clients expect us to act as a professional advisory service in understanding municipal bi-laws and codes, so small issues don’t become larger ones.

We work collaboratively with our network of design teams and consultants including architects, engineers, other specialty consultants, manufacturers and specialty contractors, collaborating with them throughout the design, construction, and post-occupancy of new and existing building projects.

OUR FOUNDER: Scott Seguin

Rooster was founded by Scott Seguin, an Engineer, who has over 20 years of experience owning and managing businesses. Scott has acted as the COO for a major contracting business that employed over 600 professionals and dozens of sub-trades. During this time frame, he was responsible for the mobilization, coordination and management of large contracts. Scott has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta and an MBA from the University of Calgary. He is an accredited LEED Green Associate and a member of the Canadian Green Building Council.

OUR PRESIDENT & CEO: Krutisha Patel

Krutisha Patel has joined Rooster as our new CEO with over 8 years of experience in the Construction sector, with a focus on project management and estimating. Managing multi-million-dollar projects within both the public and private sectors, has landed her numerous awards within her organization. Her expertise has brought a dynamic lift to Rooster Building Group, allowing our management team to focus on a multitude of new projects under her direction.

OUR COO: Rohan Raval

Rohan Raval has joined Rooster as our new COO, with nearly 10 years of experience in Alberta’s Oil & Gas industry. His extensive experience on-site while managing crews, has given him an edge when it comes to understanding the vast workflows of our industry. With family roots within the restoration and construction industry, Rohan has a natural ability to manage projects and lead our crews to success.


Randall worked primarily within the Alberta oil patch starting in 2012 for Ironhand Drilling as a Motorhand until 2017 and several years of landscaping experience prior to this. Over 5 years, he expanded his knowledge of various skills which would further propel him into a leadership role within Rooster Building Group. In 2017, Randall began working for Rooster Building Group and is currently responsible for all field operations and overseeing all project management. Much of his first year with the company was spent harnessing relationships with various vendors and manufactures. Randall attended a variety of training programs in Canada and the USA, focusing on coating applications, expansion joints, sealants, etc., and has been instrumental in providing training to all staff at Rooster Building Group who have not attended formal training on their own. His vast experience in the oilfield, team-focused mentality, and self-discipline, are what have made Randall a key contributor for Rooster Building Groups on-going success, including promotion to General Manager in 2020.


Meghan is our Operations Administrator with eight years of experience in administration in multiple industries. Her strong organizational skills, and the ability to multitask is instrumental to Roosters business. Meghan is also responsible for the Health and Safety department for Rooster, she is constantly continuing her safety education and updating all our health and safety programs and procedures. Previously, Meghan was an educator, which greatly helps with staff orientation, safety meetings, and educating employees on using progressive systems and applications.


Neil has worked with Rooster for five years as our supervisor, with fifteen years of management experience he brings vital teamwork and leadership skills to our company. Neil previously worked on building custom homes and barns throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan, his eye for small details has pushed Rooster forward in customer satisfaction. He prides himself on going above and beyond what is asked and creating a professional relationship with each client. In his spare time, Neil creates immaculate play structures for his grandchildren.


Ward is our newest supervisor, he has over thirty years in building envelope experience. His specialties include building restoration and team management. Originally from Florida, Ward has called Canada his home for thirty years. His area of expertise is in swing stages and working at heights, makes him an asset to larger engineering projects. Ward is committed to a safe and pleasant working environment.

OUR FOREMAN: Braeden Boyle

Braeden started with Rooster Building Group in 2021 as a skilled laborer and was quickly promoted to Foreman. He is extremely dependable and punctual and has retained a vast knowledge of many aspects of building envelope repair. Braeden has work experience in construction, lumber, and insulation. He brings a calming demeanor to the Rooster team and is an excellent team leader. With a passion for outdoors and nature he will never shy away from a tough exterior project, no matter the weather. Braeden has a focus on safety, for himself and his crew, with this attention to detail each site is above OHS industry standards.

OUR TEAM: Professional Trades

The Rooster Building Group team is comprised of individuals with decades of experience in building maintenance and repair. Our team has seen all aspects of commercial, industrial and residential applications. Our experts have honed their experience in Western Canada for the majority of their contracting careers and are keenly aware of the building-specific problems and solutions involved with various locations and climates. This experience has proven to directly benefit our clients and their assets when implementing the solution and scope for every job we complete.


Safe & Professionally Delivered Projects

Providing professional and seamless construction services to business owners, helping them mitigate risk, maintenance costs, and extend the lifespan of their properties. Our team of experienced tradespeople will get the job done right the first time.

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    Our Mission

    To provide timely, reliable and professional building maintenance services to our clients, while assisting them in reducing risk and extending the lifespan of their assets.

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    Our Vision

    To be the preferred building envelope and maintenance company in Alberta, while being recognized as industry leaders in our professional trade.

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    Our Values

    • Safe environments and safe work prevents incidents.
    • Do what you say and do it right, the first time.
    • Together, we win and lose as a team.