Concrete Restoration & Finishing

Cracks resulting from settlement, environmental effects such as freezing-thawing, often develop in concrete over time. As concrete becomes exposed, steel and rebar are prone to rusting and both the concrete and steel begin to deteriorate. Rooster Building Group addresses concrete challenges including: settlement and improper placement issues, cracking and surface scaling and spalling.

Working with building owners and property managers, Rooster Building Group performs proactive concrete maintenance, restoration and repairs to mitigate the possibility of costly repairs associated with accelerated concrete and steel deterioration. Our concrete restoration and re-finishing process involves evaluation, cleaning and surface preparation, patching and repair, strengthening and stabilization, installing protective coatings, adhesives, caulking and waterproofing.

We offer both structural and non-structural concrete restoration, repair and finishing services including:

  • Epoxy injection
  • Joint repair and sealant replacement
  • Slab repairs, removal and replacement
  • Concrete patching, cutting, restoration, and repairs
  • Crack routing, preparation, and sealing
  • Waterproof coatings and sealers

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