Deck & Balcony Restoration

We repair and replace new deck systems and balconies.

A poorly built deck or balcony can easily bring about water damage and compromise the foundation of the main structure. By investing in repair services, you can ensure your property continues to remain safe structurally sound.

During condo and apartment balcony repairs, Rooster Building Group’s extensive experience allows us to seamlessly work with property management, tenants and owners throughout project delivery. Our balcony repair team consists of experienced repair and restoration contractors, and highly skilled trades people. We perform minor balcony repairs such as paint removal, balcony floor resurfacing, concrete patching, and painting of wood or metal balcony railings. When balconies are seriously deteriorated, we also perform major balcony repairs such as slab edge and through slab concrete repairs, epoxy coated rebar repair, and full railing replacement.

Our deck, balcony, and replacement services include:

  • Waterproof membrane installation
  • Flashing systems
  • Waterproof deck coatings
  • Wear surface replacement
  • Coatings, resealing and balcony maintenance
  • Exterior walkways, balcony, patio and deck installations
  • Installation of sheet metal, drain scuppers, stucco patching, and trim
  • Installation of decorative coatings, tile and unique finishes
  • Balcony and patio repairs
  • Slab restoration
  • Balcony and deck sandblasting
  • Rebar replacement and epoxy coatings

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