Specialty Sealants & Coatings

Your building’s envelope depends on caulking and sealants to waterproof gaps and joints to protect it against environmental elements and structural movement. Sealants account for approximately 1% of the new construction cost for a large building. As the building ages and becomes more prone to the deterioration of sealants, this can amount to costly damage to the structure. Selecting and maintaining an adequate waterproofing system for your building can mitigate against significant repair costs while maintaining the useful life of the structure.

Rooster Building Group helps property owners protect their building assets against water damage, chemicals, abrasions, extreme temperature changes, and UV rays. Our team of experts will help assess the needs of your structure and will deliver a specialty sealant and coating solution, tailored to your needs. Rooster Building Group has access to a full range of technologies and systems used for above and below ground waterproofing, ranging from highly flexible membrane systems to watertight concrete mixtures. Each of our solutions are designed to be used together to meet the specific needs and requirements of owners, architects, and engineers.

Our sealant renewal projects include; removal and replacement of sealants and caulking on metal, concrete and wood building components for apartments, townhomes, high-rises and industrial and commercial structures. Typically, sealant replacement is completed in conjunction with a building envelope, parkade membrane, expansion joint, or waterproofing evaluation to gain understanding into your building’s condition and complete construction in a cost-effective manner.

Rooster Building Group’s full range of specialty sealant and coating applications include:

  • Multifamily decks, balconies & patios
  • LRT platforms
  • Traffic coatings
  • Expansion joints

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