Expansion Joint Repair & Replacement

Building Structure Expansion Joints

Concrete and masonry, like other construction materials used in building structures, expands and contracts with moisture and temperature changes. Movement and forces on expansion joints make them particularly difficult when it comes to waterproofing. Often this is due to the original design not anticipating these forces or conditions, especially in older structures. Changes in forces and environmental conditions over time can produce cracks in hardened concrete and masonry, unless they are properly controlled.

Rooster Building Group installs a variety of expansion joint systems as part of our restoration work on condo buildings, retail and commercial plazas, building facades, and in parking garages. Working with building owners, we will assess and identify potential areas of stress or failure and install, restore or repair the expansion or control joints to improve building longevity.


Parking Structure Expansion Joints

Parking deck expansion joints are designed to move as the building blocks of the parking deck flex under load. Expansion joints commonly flex several inches because load forces change. Aging expansion joints can restrict movement of the deck, resulting in damage to structural components. Additionally, malfunctioning expansion joints can allow water to enter the system resulting in corrosion of building materials.

Rooster Building Group’s parking deck expansion joint replacement services include removal of failing expansion joints, and replacement of expansion joints with new, long lasting materials to preserve the functionality of the joint structure.

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